What a start!

Hello there,

I am so happy to say The Cookie Club has started off with a bang!

We launched our first box in late December 2018, featuring a very cute santa and other Christmas shapes, and it was well loved. The feeling inside, seeing so many of our beautiful hand crafted cookies go to new homes, was one of the greatest feelings ever.

I have been working super hard on our next 10 gift packs. I really wanted to cover all bases, so I have tried my best to offer a wide variety of options to appeal to everyone.

This week, we are launching these 10 new packs, and I have butterflies in my tummy thinking about it. I am so proud of how they all look.

If you are thinking of sending a gift to a loved one, please consider sending a unique and delicious cookie pack. 

I better get back to creating our next releases, but until then, happy shopping.

Kate x

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