For many years, I baked as a hobby. My love for baking and all things creative was inspired by my Grandma Joan. She taught me all things baking and has become a huge inspiration for me today. I originated my baking journey, by opening a small cake business from home in 2017 after I had graduated from school. I quickly realised that people were really enjoying all my sweet treats, and my business quickly blossomed. I have created an amazing cake store in Melbourne, Australia, but I have always wanted the ability to ship worldwide. While Cake Creations by Kate is an incredibly big part of my life, I have worked very hard to create stunning handmade biscuits that can shipped far and wide.

So, this is where I welcome you to my new baby! Our sister company, The Cookie Club is the greatest edible gift service. We have hand-crafted an abundance of specially curated gift packs for you to choose from! They have been placed in stunning custom made boxes, to ensure a safe journey to the lucky recipient. We try to make things as easy as possible for you, as we can understand just how busy life gets. We look forward to sending out many edible gifts all over the world, and I hope you may be on the receiving end one day soon.


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